Credit World Personal Signature Loan Qualifications

West Texas Location

smiling woman in front of computerAt Credit World, everyone gets $10,000 instant credit for rent-to-own furniture, appliances, electronics, tires and wheels. However, for our signature unsecured loans, there are minimum qualifications that must be met before a loan check can be issued.

Eligibility Requirements

Any customer wanting a personal signature loan must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of our service area. To verify your age and residence, we require a valid local driver’s license.

Minimum Qualifications

To qualify for a personal unsecured loan, an applicant must provide proof of income, and a Credit World loan officer will review your credit report to determine eligibility. (We do not require a minimum credit score for loan qualification.)

To run a credit check, we will need to see a social security card. Past pay stubs are usually the best proof of income, but if you do not have regular statements, please contact us to find out what documents will work.

Necessary References

Paperwork doesn’t tell us everything about our loan applicants. We want to talk to real people who know you to help us make the decision. We ask that you provide five credible references. The best references are people who can verify your employment, like a current or former boss or coworkers, or people who can tell us about your history with making on-time payments, like a landlord. For young loan applicants, parents may be suitable references. To ensure that we can follow up, make sure to provide a working phone number on the loan application.

Get Started

At Credit World, our mission is to help you get the items or money you need. We do everything we can to make the process simple—you can get started with our personal signature loan service by finding answers to your questions online and filling out the loan application. Then, visit your nearest Credit World location to finish the loan process.

Get the extra money you need with our signature personal loan service! Visit your local West Texas Credit World rent-to-own superstore today!

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